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The History of Blackheath

On 15 May 1815, Govenor McQuarie named a beautiful outlook Hounslow. Upon his descent from the Blue Mountains, he renamed the location Blackheath.

Blackheath has had an interesting history ranging from opening a brewery. The brewery unfortunately closed, reportedly due to the locals drinking the profits! Blackheath also had one of the first cinemas in the mountains. Upon its closure, the property was converted into an antique centre, which remains open to this day.

The main road through Blackheath is called Govetts Leap Road. The myth surrounding this name is a bandit robbed one too many banks and was galloping away from the Sherriff. Knowing that he was not going to evade capture and was facing the death penalty, he rode to the end of Blackheath’s main road and jumped off the edge; Govett’s Leap Road.

In reality, the story is less dramatic.